COVID-19 Cleaning &

Disinfection Services

With 90-Day Antimicrobial Protection

Our 5-step Protection Program pairs our existing cleaning and disinfection protocols with PRO-Techs, for an active 90-day germ shield

24/7 Protective Shield

Pure force Cleaning uses Pro-techs Technology that automatically works around the clock so you don’t have to.

99.9% Effective

PRO-Techs’ advanced anti-microbial technology leads the industry in effectiveness.

Durable, Sustainable, Economical

PRO-Techs can be applied to any surface. Just one application protects for up to 3 months.

People Friendly & Environmentally Safe

PRO-Techs is non-toxic, colorless, durable, and non-leaching. It’s registered with the EPA and EBPR.

5 Step Protection Program


Pureforce account manager will discuss your specific cleaning and disinfection goals with you and ask discovery questions that help us define a custom solution that will meet the unique needs of your location. We will identify the approximate coverage area as well as high frequency touchpoints that are to be treated with PRO-Techs break-thru antimicrobial technology. We will then select priority areas (based on the size of your facility and the surface requirements) for a swab test using a SystemSURE ATP surface test to determine the contamination level and establish a baseline.


Pure force technicians are certified by ISSA-CMI and are extensively trained to GLOBAL BIORISK ADVISORY COUNCIL (GBAC) standards on using electrostatic sprayers (ionized misters and foggers) for a comprehensive application. Imperial Cleaning’s GBAC-Trained Technicians are prepared to respond to a biohazard crisis and are experts in the cleaning industry on infection and contamination control measures for infection disease outbreak situations.

Our technicians disinfect with a solution that is EPA qualified on LIST N for use against COVID-19. Its ultra-low dwell time requirement and non-corrosive qualities ensures surfaces are not overly wetted and poses no risks to sensitive electronics.


Pure force Cleaning technicians are also Pro-techs trained and certified to apply antimicrobial protection using the latest and most effective electrostatic sprayers (or ionized misters/foggers). Since Pro-techs is a nano-technology that is invisible to the naked eye, it is important to use trained applicators that won’t miss critical areas that require protection.

PRO-Techs is an EPA registered antimicrobial. Within seconds, PRO-Techs organosilane structures begin creating an ultra-strong covalent bond with surfaces. We allow the coating to dwell for maximum effectiveness. The anti-microbial begins to work immediately to protect against harmful bacteria, mold, viruses, and other deadly pathogens. Active surfaces are now guarded 24/7 and for up to 90 days from offending microbes.

PRO-Techs is people/pet friendly and environmentally safe. The antimicrobial has been used safely and effectively for more than forty years. It is non-toxic, colorless, odorless, durable, and non-leaching.

PRO-Techs will not affect the dying and printing of treated fabrics and can be applied to any textiles including bright white, colors, and black.


Pure force Cleaning’s Certified Applicators revisit the selected priority areas and test again with SystemSURE ATP surface swab tests to determine that the contamination level has sufficiently dropped and falls within EPA guidelines.


Pure force  Cleaning provides you with an Imperial Shield™ Certificate that certifies that you have received professionally applied Pro-techs anti-microbial protection that can last for up to 90 days. The Certificate is suitable for framing and can be displayed in public to assure your employees and customers that you are providing the very best anti-microbial protection that is available. For our customers in the pure force Shield™ Program, we provide a new certification every 90 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does PRO-Techs Work?

PRO-Techs utilizes two methods to bring about the near instant mechanical killing of offending microbes.

  1. The first is a grid of nano-spikes which creates a covalent bond with the surfaces it is applied on. This bond is very durable. On average, it is still detectable on high-traffic touch-points up until 90 days after the initial coating.
  2. The second mechanical force responsible for PRO-Techs unmatched residual effectiveness is its positively charged nitrogen. Once impaled, the pathogen is robbed of its ions resulting in total deactivation of the offending microbe.

How is PRO-Techs Applied?

Only a thin layer of PRO-Techs is necessary. It is best applied using fogging applicators with electrostatic technology. This uses static electricity to positively charge PRO-Techs as it is atomized from the machine’s nozzle. With most objects being naturally negatively charged, PRO-Techs becomes elector-statically attracted to surfaces.

This results in the ability for the fogged PRO-Techs to wrap around all three-dimensional objects, reaching all nooks and crannies for a complete coverage — each and every time.

Is a Certified Applicator Necessary?

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, you will likely see inexperienced companies in the sanitization space who lack the proper equipment and industry knowledge to sanitize at a professional level following CDC guidelines. These companies may also use hazardous chemicals which, if exposed, may lead to negative health effects for your staff and customers.

PRO-Techs should be applied by a certified PRO-Techs applicator. Specialized electrostatic fogging machines are required to ensure complete coverage.  Once dried, PRO-Techs is invisible to the naked eye, making it easy for in-house or non-trained cleaners to miss critical areas.  For these reasons, only a certified applicator is allowed to perform this service.

Pure force Cleaning is the Only Certified PRO-Techs Applicator in the Tri-State Area

Pure force Cleaning is a widely renowned cleaning company with over 25 years of experience in providing world-class service quality and overall customer satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about our professional disinfecting services. 


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